10 Minute Meditation

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In just 10 minutes you will learn techniques of deep relaxation to help you rebalance your mind and body and achieve a state of peace, tranquility and mental clarity.

A master of the healing arts, Loretta Hill, and a master of meditation music, Steven Halpern, lead you on a new pathway to health and well being on all levels.

Soundtrack: Chakra Suite by Steven Halpern

CHAKRA SUITE balances the chakras and assists optimal health and healing by stimulating each vital energy center with the corresponding sound frequencies. Working with the principles of cellular resonance, biological harmonics and intention, Steven Halpern’s award-winning chakra music composition effortlessly, easily and enjoyably evokes your natural “relaxation response.”

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Bodhi Charms: Crystal Mala Meditation

Ease your mind. Inhale through your mouth. Exhale through your nose. Focus on a positive intention. Repeat that intention in your mind moving along the crystals of a 108-stone Mala necklace with your thumb and index finger.

A Mala necklace will aid you as a mental anchor through the mediation. Crystals will amplify your positive intentions.

You don’t have to follow a certain belief to use a Mala bracelet as a tool to strengthen your mind. Repeating a positive intention or motivating phrase over and over will trigger your subconscious mind and support your focus on what’s important to you.

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10 minute yoga

Looking to take your meditation deeper with movement? Please enjoy the yoga audio classes below to further enhance connection with mind-body-spirit.

Adam Hocke Yoga – Adam Hocke is a teacher, writer, and mentor empowering his students’ yoga practice and self-care. Through a unique blend of vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, he offers anatomically precise, strong, and accessible classes to physically awaken and renew the body and mind. Adam’s award-winning blog and Yoga with Adam podcast act as a global practice resource center for yogis from over 135 countries and all 50 U.S. states. Join Adam for his audio-guided yoga practices, ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour.

Janet Stone Yoga – Janet Stone’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. She shares from the alchemy of her own sadhana through bhakti yoga and the eight-limbed path. In 1996, she traveled to India, the birthplace of her grandfather, and became dedicated to the path of yoga. Based in Bali and San Francisco, she leads immersions, retreats, workshops and more. Learn more about Janet on her website, including multiple video-guided yoga practices of various timeframes, as well as her guidance and history on Chanting and Deities.

Janet Stone, Photo by Brian Crawford.

Several other resources are available for online yoga and meditation, including websites such as MoveWith and YouTube, as well as in-person yoga practices through MindBody and ClassPass, amongst countless other options.

Check out our DIY Yoga Mat Spray for keeping your practice space clean.

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10 minute chanting

Through sound and repeated mantras, chanting is a beautiful practice to deepen our connection with ourselves and the world around us. Think of a mantra as a mental instrument that fine-tunes your yoga and meditation practice. “Incorporating mantras into practice can help to make it sacred and take it out of the realm of the physical and into a higher state of awareness,” says Zoë Slatoff-Ponté, author of Yogavataranam: The Translation of Yoga.

Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

Cultivating a sonic presence can be liberating in a way, as you experience the numinous nature of the sound. It is said that each chakra has a particular vibration and certain mantras can resonate and harmonize that energy. “A mantra is a much more complex concept than a mere chant,” adds Risha Lee, curator of Exhibitions at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. “It unites sound, body, and mind in a deeply philosophical experience.”

While reciting a mantra before or after you step on the mat can enhance your practice, you don’t have to be in yoga mode to chant. Mantras are a yoga tool you can use to calm your mind anywhere, anytime. Feeling stressed, lonely, anxious, excited? Pick a word, phrase, or invocation and chant it in a way that works for you: loudly, softly, or even internally. To reap the most benefits, shorter mantras should be chanted 108 times (mala beads can help with that) and longer mantras can be repeated up to three times. In any case, allocate a few minutes to focus your attention on the sound.

Learn more about the 13 Essential Yoga Mantras and Chants from YogaJournal, another wonderful resource for meditation, yoga, and chanting.

If you’re newer to chanting and Kirtan, check out Janet Stone’s interview with YogaJournal on Chanting 101.

Janet Stone, Photo by Lululemon.

Additionally, more chanting can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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