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Essential Oils to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching and the holiday season coming to a close, it’s the perfect time for retrospection and reflection as well as resolutions and fresh starts. Resolutions help you make small changes so you can reach your goals. We know how hard it can be to stick to your resolutions year after year. So we’ve come up with a list of essential oils to help you stick to your most common resolutions and make 2021 your best year yet.


Frankincense Essential Oil is the perfect oil to help you on your journey to a calm and focused mind. It helps to reduce heart rate and blood pressure with its anti-anxiety and depression reducing abilities. Breathe deeply and let Frankincense erase your fears of failing so you can lean into your creativity, concentration and inspiration.


Accomplishing all of your New Year’s goals will require you to have a strong, healthy body. Boosting your immunity to fight germs will also be important this year. Our Protector Essential Oil Blend does just that and more with specially curated oils to help you fight germs, increase circulation and breathe deep.

The start of the year is a great time to refocus on your weight-loss goals, but sometimes it’s hard to get the jumpstart you need. Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil supports weight loss by increasing metabolism and energy. Not only that, but it acts as a natural diuretic and decreases fluid retention. It also has the power to reduce sugar cravings and detoxify the body. Best of all, it’s the perfect oil to help you with your New Year’s Eve hangover too!



Whether your goal is to get ahead at work, improve your mental skills or up your fitness this year, Peppermint Essential Oil will help you think clearly and focus on what you want to accomplish. It can help you fight fatigue, keep you energized, and enhance your physical performance during workouts. It can also help alleviate minor aches and pains after physical activity.


Sleep is a vital and often neglected aspect of health and wellness. Sleep gives the body a chance to repair and renew so you can feel your best, energetic self each day. If sleep is a priority for you moving into 2021, using Lavender Essential Oil before bed  will help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep so you wake feeling rested. Diffuse or apply to pulse points to help soothe and relax.

Setting resolutions is a great first step towards accomplishing your goals. Just make sure to set attainable targets and celebrate small wins along the way. Head into 2021 feeling confident and ready to take the year on and make it your best year yet!

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DIY Protector™ Soap

  1. Melt soap base in the microwave or on the stove top.
  2. Add 30 drops Protector™ blend essential oil
  3. Stir thoroughly and pour into soap molds.
  4. Add dried herbs or flowers (optional).
  5. Wait 1 hour. Remove from mold.

Go wash your hands already!
Or gift your homemade soap and share the love—not the germs.


Lavender Fields
30 drops of lavender

Paris Perfume
15 drops ylang ylang
9 drops lavender
6 drops cedarwood

Fresh Breeze
15 drops grapefruit
9 drops lemongrass
6 drops frankincense

10 drops ginger
10 drops frankincense
10 drops lavender

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Protect Yourself

As many of you know we are big fans of Protector™ oil. If you have read some of our previous posts, (Arm Yourself and An Ancient Protective Blend), you can see why.

A great way to use Protector is on your hands. When you are on the go, it isn’t always convenient to wash—try this all-natural hand sanitizer made with Protector oil for that extra level of protection.

DIY Protector Hand Sanitizer:

Whisk until thoroughly combined, then pour into container of choice.

Note: This recipe has been updated to include alcohol for maximum effectiveness. A 60% alcohol content is the minimum amount needed to kill most germs, according to the CDC.

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Arm Yourself Against Cold & Flu Season

According to the CDC, “While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses can be detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February.” Not only is it ‘that time of year,’ but many of us drastically change our routines (eating and sleeping habits) during the holidays, which can challenge our immune system and put us more at risk of contracting the flu.

Research from Weber State University in Utah showed that the Protector™ Blend has an impressive 99.96% success rate at killing airborne bacteria. Diffuse 5-6 drops (or refer to your user manual) to clean the air in your home and boost your immunity. Frankincense also boosts immunity. Another way to combat the spread of the flu is to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Add 12-24 drops to 4oz each of water and vodka (or vinegar) for a simple, green disinfecting spray to use around the house.

Should you happen to come down with a cold or the flu despite your best efforts, PeppermintEucalyptus, Tea Tree and our Breathe Calm Blend™ clear congestion and promote relaxed breathing. Apply pre-diluted roll-ons to the chest.

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An Ancient Protective Blend

So the story goes: Deep in the Royal English Archives is a 15th century recipe so powerful that it protected those who used it from the black plague. During this time the plague was running rampant through Europe. Four thieves who were robbing the infectious dead bodies of all their possessions, miraculously never contracted the highly infectious plague.

Eventually the thieves were caught and made a deal, sharing their secret for a reduced sentence. They professed herbal knowledge and told stories of their powerful medicinal properties when combined in certain ways.

The traditionally accepted recipe contains a blend of 5 essential oils: Clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, rosemary and eucalyptus. Research from Weber State University in Utah showed that the blend has an impressive 99.96% success rate at killing airborne bacteria.

We don’t know whether or not the Thieves story is true, but the essential oils are antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-infectious. Truly, a protective blend!