VitaJuwel ViA FITNESS Gem Pod Price: $84.99 (as of 18/09/2020 02:45 PST- Details)


This energetic combination of stones is perfect for the active athlete, zen yogini, marathon runner, or bootcamp enthusiast who wants to increase energy levels, strengthen vitality, and ground by finding inner composure.

  • Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, often known as the stone of power, aiding in amplifying your energy and/or intention.
  • Magnesite encourages self-love and acceptance, stimulating energies in the body to get up and move!
  • Red Jasper is connected with the root and sacral chakras, governing digestion, metabolism, detoxification, warmth and combustion processes.

Collectively, this powerful combination helps anyone in need of greater Fitness, health, and vitality!

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  • Gem Pod contains semi-precious, tumbled gemstones.
  • Fits VitaJuwel ViA Lead-free, borosilicate glass bottles.
  • Stainless steel cap on bottom, with BPA-free plastic lining.