VitaJuwel inu! DIY Crystal Water Bottle


VitaJuwel designed inu! to fuel your creativity in preparing crystal water. inu!’s crystal chamber has a removable lid to switch the stones according to your preference. The chamber is totally separated from the water. Add your own stones to the clear quartz (included) inside the chamber or get pre-composed crystal blends.


THE FLOWER OF LIFE… is a powerful sacred geometry symbol. Since ancient times, numerous cultures have used its positive energy. All geometric forms can be found within it. It is said to be the pattern for everything existing and stands for the unity of creation. VitaJuwel deliberately engraved a flower of life on the inside of inu! to add a mighty symbol that, as we believe, strengthens the crystals’ energies and adds its own note to restructure your water positively.

BEST IN GLASS. VitaJuwel’s inu! Bottles are composed of 100% high-density borosilicate glass. Compared to ‘regular’ glass most bottle manufacturers use, borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant. That means you can use it with ice cold and very hot water without worries. It’s lead-free and unreactive, so it doesn’t hold any taste. Perfect for pure crystal water. A difference you can feel, especially compared to stainless steel or plastic bottles!

FOREVER GREEN. While you’re reading this text, more than 1,000,000 (!) plastic bottles are trashed and are littering our blue planet. Most of them for more than 400 years. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. Help us to make a difference. Stay healthy and hydrated. Drink your water from a reusable bottle. To us, the islands of Hawaii are one of the last paradises on earth. In honor of that green spirit, VitaJuwel named their bottle after the Hawaiian word for ‘drink’: inu!

WORRY FREE. You might have seen water bottles with obelisk-shaped stones directly ‘touching’ the water. We believe inu! is the better option, because many stones are impregnated with artificial resin. Some could even release unwanted substances (like heavy metals) into the water. With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! NEVER touch the water, while providing all benefits from the crystals energies. Enjoy your crystal water 100% safe, pure and healthy.