VitaJuwel Guardian Era Crystal Water Decanter Price: $188.00 (as of 25/11/2020 10:48 PST- Details)


Cleanse and shield your energy, with this healing gemstone blend that encourages positivity while strengthening immunity and providing overall support.

  • Amethyst is known mostly as a protective stone and is linked to the crown chakra, helpful in purifying the mind and clearing negative thoughts, stress and anxiety.
  • Black Tourmaline, an energy purifier and powerful grounding stone, protects by absorbing electromagnetic radiation and eliminating negative energy.
  • Clear Quartz, the most powerful healing stone for manifestation, amplifies any energy or intention.

Whether you’re bombarded by environmental stress or negative energies, Guardian protects and heals on all levels.

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  • Expertly designed lid holds Gemstone Vial firmly in place while seemingly floating freely. The lid does not need to be taken off while pouring water, creating a beautiful effect while serving.
  • Handcrafted vial contains semi-precious, tumbled gemstones.
  • 44 fl. oz. hand-blown Decanter is dishwasher safe.
    The Gemstone Vials are hand-crafted as well, please carefully hand wash.
  • Lead & BPA Free.