VitaJuwel Gemstone Droplet Price: $60.00 (as of 22/01/2021 18:53 PST- Details)

Vitalizing wine and water on-the-go, in a restaurant or your friend’s house, the Gemstone Droplet is a fantastic conversation starter. Your personal gemstone vial contains quartz granules, a fiery garnet and an exquisite amethyst. Its water drop design is eye-catchingly elegant.

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  • The handcrafted Gemstone Droplet is a mini version of VitaJuwel’s Original Gemstone Vial, filled with clear quartz, a fiery garnet, and an exquisite amethyst.
  • To ensure that crystal water and wine lovers have their personal Gemstone Vial at ready in their bag, the Gemstone Droplet comes with an exquisite leatherette case.