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Find the harmony between differences, the balance in all things.

This trinity of crystals reminds us to replace hostile feelings with kindness, self-doubt with self-confidence, and that sadness and heartache make times of joy all the more sweeter.

  • Sodalite awakens intuition, allowing us to trust ourselves. Also a grounding stone, it strengthens our ability to overcome our fears.
  • Chalcedony, a nurturing jewel, soothes, restores balance and promotes peaceful well-being.
  • Clear Quartz, the most powerful healing stone for manifestation, amplifies any energy or intention.

Be empowered, reconnect, and stabilize with this restorative gem elixir.

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  • Gem Pod contains semi-precious, tumbled gemstones
  • Lead-free, borosilicate glass bottle, holding 16.9 fluid ounces
  • Stainless steel caps on top and bottom, with BPA-free plastic lining