VitaJuwel Forever Young Gemstone Decanter w/Free Frankincense Essential Oil Price: $188.00 (as of 01/06/2020 11:10 PST- Details)


For centuries, explorers have searched for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Seek no more. This energetic blend of gemstones reconnects one with Mother Earth while clearing negativity.

  • Connected to the clarity of water and treasured by mermaids and sailors, Aquamarine, promotes fearlessness, protection, eternal youth and happiness.
  • Aventurine, the Stone of Opportunity, fosters new growth, perseverance and optimism, enhancing motivation and allowing one to move forward with confidence.
  • An energy purifier and powerful grounding stone, Smoky Quartz, detoxifies, filters negative energy, and shields one from gossip and bullying.
  • Clear Quartz, the most powerful healing stone for manifestation, amplifies any energy or intention.

Rediscover your childlike wonder, enthusiasm and youthful energy with this combination of supportive stones.

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  • Expertly designed lid holds Gemstone Vial firmly in place while seemingly floating freely. The lid does not need to be taken off while pouring water, creating a beautiful effect while serving.
  • Handcrafted vial contains semi-precious, tumbled gemstones.
  • 44 fl. oz. hand-blown Decanter is dishwasher safe.
    The Gemstone Vials are hand-crafted as well, please carefully hand wash.
  • Lead & BPA Free.
  • All of our products are shipped by Amazon and Prime Eligible.
  • 100% money back guarantee!

Additionally, we include a Red Silk Essentials Organic Frankincense Essential Oil with your purchase of the gemstone decanter. For over 5,000 years, Frankincense—the king of oils—derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree has been used as a medicinal substance and considered an effective remedy for everything from toothaches to leprosy. Read more…