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Organic Salvia sclarea from Moldova

Clary Sage has shown to ease tension while also calming your mind, creating a sense of inner balance and relieving tense nerves. It supports the opening of pathways to allow positive energy to move through your mind and body. Read more…

  • Hormonal Balance: Use Clary Sage to help regulate your estrogen levels which will naturally relieve your PMS symptoms and even hot flashes for menopausal women. It’s time to take control of your daily hormonal swings with this natural essential oil.
  • Increase Circulation: Through opening of the blood vessels, Clary Sage improves circulation and blood pressure. Additionally, it naturally lowers blood pressure by relaxing the brain and arteries. Allowing you to think more clearly.
  • Eye Health: With the use of a warm cloth and just a few drops, Clary Sage will help promote eye clarity and protecting against premature aging. It was once known as See Bright, as the name was derived from the Latin “Claurus or Clear” because of the clarity it brought to the eyes.

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  • Naturally Pure. No additives, fillers, bases or carrier oils.
  • Built-in Dropper for easy application.
  • ISO 9001, USDA Organic, GMP Certified manufacturer.
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