Iron & Copper Candle Diffuser


Elevate your home rituals and scent your space naturally with our traditionally handcrafted oil burner. Diffusing essential oils will naturally purify the air and allow you to receive the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

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Diffuser’s central piece is forged from iron and supports a gleaming, hammered copper bowl. No plug needed for this unique essential oil aroma diffuser. Simply fill the copper bowl ⅔ full with water and add 5-8 drops of essential oil. Place a tealight candle in the base and light. The candle will warm the oils and diffuse the aroma. Tea light candle not included. 

Health & wellbeing: By adding essential oils, you can benefit from the positive effects they can have on overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Modern scientific research has proven that essential oils have remarkable medicinal properties. If restful sleep is the goal, try diffusing relaxing lavender in the bedroom before bedtime. During times of colds and flu, try eucalyptus or our Breathe Calm blend.

Odor Control: Diffusing a few drops of essential oil can lift your mood while clearing the air of stubborn pet and cooking odors. Essential oils can create a pleasantly fragrant spa-like environment.