Bodhi Charms Mala Necklace Wellness Edition Price: $78.00 (as of 23/11/2020 10:26 PST- Details)

  • Inspired by the best-selling VitaJuwel WELLNESS blend, advised by yogis and masters in crystal healing, and designed based on the unique energies of royal purple Amethyst, fair and lovely Rose Quartz and 128-cut and faceted Clear Quartz.
  • Bodhi Charms Malas are lovely pieces of jewelry, that can be worn around the neck or looped around your wrist.
  • 108 genuine, hand-picked gemstones and an exclusive 925 Sterling Silver guru bead create precious showpieces with a unique, magical aura.
  • 925 Sterling Silver spacer beads between each gemstone provide for a perfect experience when you move along the string with your thumb while meditating.
  • Following a holistic approach, a lava bead has been added as a carrier for aromatherapy oils.

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