Our Story

Nature has its own pharmacy. We believe Health and Wellness is about our physical health, the mind, body & spirit connection, and the importance of harmony and balance in all things. For us, essential oils are a key way of finding that balance. Our goal is to provide organic essential oils and wellness products that are nourishing, cleansing, protective and fragrant to your body and soul.

Red Silk Essentials was inspired by the Silk Road and the rich aromas of perfumes, essential oils, herbs and spices that fill the streets and shops along the many routes. Our founder Cindy was captivated by the vibrant scents as she learned about the unique traditions and stories while spending a year living abroad. After returning back home from her travels, the distinct scents of the Silk Road stuck with her and she was called to create Red Silk Essentials. To this day, Cindy continues to travel the Silk Road, bringing back ancient wisdom and incorporating her learnings into the wellness products she creates.

CindyFounder, Cindy Raleigh

Health and wellness has been a part of my life since an early age. I was taught by my mother to diligently dissect labels on food, long before it was trendy. Today I apply these lessons to not only what I eat, but everything in my home. As my passion for aromas grew following my travels along the Silk Road, I learned that the word “fragrance”  on a product label represents an undisclosed list of ingredients. I was shocked to find that manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of toxic chemicals in this one word.

Now I read labels on everything I use, especially anything I am applying to my skin to be absorbed. I apply these same practices to our products at Red Silk Essentials. I vow to only deliver products that are 100% pure, organic, and have gone through rigorous testing. I only create products that I would use on myself and give to my family. With Red Silk Essentials, you can trust that there is always transparency about our ingredients with no hidden fragrances or toxic chemicals.


Red Silk Essentials has prospered in this nation of immigrants. To say thanks we provide 100% sponsorship to www.helpwithcitizenship.com helping those who come here fulfill their dreams.