inu! [”ee-noo”, Hawaiian: “to drink”] has the potential to become the new best friend for explorers, adventurers and crystal lovers. In a nutshell: inu! is a versatile, BPA-free glass bottle with a bottom chamber to fill and change crystals at any time. It comes pre-filled with shiny Clear Quartz and holds 16.9 fl.oz
Breathe life into your water!
The tradition of vitalizing water with crystals goes back thousands of years. Everything in nature has its own subtle, vibrant energy. Every crystal has a distinct vibration and restructures water in a special way.
No Worries!
With the 2-chamber concept, the crystals in your inu! bottle NEVER touch the water, but provide the full range of benefits from the crystals’s energies.
16.9 fl. oz. borosilicate, pollutant-free glass bottle—the superior choice for pure, uncontaminated water.
The Flower of Life…
…one of the sacred geometry symbols, is engraved on the inside of inu! Adding a powerful symbol that stands for the unity of creation, we believe, strengthens the crystals’ energies and adds its own note to restructure your water positively.
Do It Yourself
inu! is versatile. Use your own stones to prepare crystal water or get one of the original inu! crystal blends for the full experience.