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Essential Oils to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching and the holiday season coming to a close, it’s the perfect time for retrospection and reflection as well as resolutions and fresh starts. Resolutions help you make small changes so you can reach your goals. We know how hard it can be to stick to your resolutions year after year. So we’ve come up with a list of essential oils to help you stick to your most common resolutions and make 2021 your best year yet.


Frankincense Essential Oil is the perfect oil to help you on your journey to a calm and focused mind. It helps to reduce heart rate and blood pressure with its anti-anxiety and depression reducing abilities. Breathe deeply and let Frankincense erase your fears of failing so you can lean into your creativity, concentration and inspiration.


Accomplishing all of your New Year’s goals will require you to have a strong, healthy body. Boosting your immunity to fight germs will also be important this year. Our Protector Essential Oil Blend does just that and more with specially curated oils to help you fight germs, increase circulation and breathe deep.

The start of the year is a great time to refocus on your weight-loss goals, but sometimes it’s hard to get the jumpstart you need. Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil supports weight loss by increasing metabolism and energy. Not only that, but it acts as a natural diuretic and decreases fluid retention. It also has the power to reduce sugar cravings and detoxify the body. Best of all, it’s the perfect oil to help you with your New Year’s Eve hangover too!



Whether your goal is to get ahead at work, improve your mental skills or up your fitness this year, Peppermint Essential Oil will help you think clearly and focus on what you want to accomplish. It can help you fight fatigue, keep you energized, and enhance your physical performance during workouts. It can also help alleviate minor aches and pains after physical activity.


Sleep is a vital and often neglected aspect of health and wellness. Sleep gives the body a chance to repair and renew so you can feel your best, energetic self each day. If sleep is a priority for you moving into 2021, using Lavender Essential Oil before bed  will help you fall asleep more easily and stay asleep so you wake feeling rested. Diffuse or apply to pulse points to help soothe and relax.

Setting resolutions is a great first step towards accomplishing your goals. Just make sure to set attainable targets and celebrate small wins along the way. Head into 2021 feeling confident and ready to take the year on and make it your best year yet!

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French Clay Purifying Mask

This French Green Clay mask is the perfect mask for balancing oily and acne prone skin. Green Clay draws impurities out from pores and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells without irritating the skin. Not only that, but it also stimulates circulation and helps to tone and firm the skin. When combined with Helichrysum essential oil, this mask will also promote healthy skin cell regeneration and give you a glowing, youthful complexion.

Use this quick and easy mask 1-2 times a week as needed. Make sure to always moisturize afterwards. This mask can also be used as a spot treatment by putting a little directly on blemishes overnight. The clay will absorb oil and bacteria while healing the skin.

1 tablespoon French Green Clay, finely ground
Pure aloe vera juice
3 drops helichrysum essential oil

In a small bowl, add French Green Clay. Next, pour a very small amount of Aloe Vera into the bowl. Make sure to start with only a few drops of aloe vera, adding more as needed. You will want the mask to be the consistency of a thick spreadable paste. Stir in the helichrysum essential oil.

Wash your face and remove all makeup. Using your fingertips, spread the paste onto your face and neck. Allow to dry completely for 10-20 minutes. The mask will lift and tighten the skin as it dries. Next, dampen a washcloth with warm water. Use the washcloth to remove the mask. Once the mask is removed entirely, apply moisturizer.

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How to Find High Quality Essential Oils

If you’re an essential oil lover, then you know that there are tons of different terms used to describe the quality of oils. What you might not know, is that some of these regularly used terms don’t actually carry any significance. A lot of essential oil brands use these terms regularly in an effort to make their oils seem better or higher in quality, but the truth is these terms don’t mean anything at all.

Let’s dig deeper into two of these terms that we see misused and misrepresented on a regular basis: “Therapeutic grade” and “Food grade.”

Therapeutic Grade:
While this term may seem like it verifies using an oil for therapeutic practices, in actuality there is no governmental agency or generally accepted organization that “grades” or “certifies” essential oils as “therapeutic grade.” In fact, there is no formally approved grading standard used consistently throughout the essential oil industry at all. This means that any company can claim that their oils are therapeutic grade and the use of this term is never regulated. “Therapeutic grade” is simply a meaningless marketing term that carries no value.

Food Grade:
Another one that we see all too often is “food grade.”  The truth is, food grade does not mean that an essential oil is safely edible. The FDA doesn’t actually classify essential oils—or anything else—as “food grade”. It does however have a list of Generally Recognized As Safe (“GRAS”) essential oils for human consumption when used for their “intended purpose”. Mainly used as flavor ingredients in a wide range of products and their inclusion in the GRAS category is dependent, in part, upon their defined safe maximum concentration limits in edible goods. Consider a drop or 2 of peppermint oil in a batch of several dozen cookies.

For Additional Information on Substances Generally Recognized As Safe from the FDA. 

So what should you look for when picking out your essential oils?

  • Pure – completely unaltered, no additives or fillers
  • Authentic – from a specified plant only
  • Organic – USDA Certified always

At Red Silk Essentials you can count on all of our essential oils to always be pure, authentic and USDA certified organic. We value transparency above all and vow to only deliver the highest quality products, while never using terms that don’t have value to their meaning. We strive to educate our customers so that you can make the healthiest and safest choices for yourselves and your families.

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Why Certified Organic?

Products that claim to be organic but do not carry an official seal may not meet USDA organic standards. If organic is important to you, don’t rely on the claims—always look for a USDA Organic seal.

What Does Certified Organic Mean?

It indicates that our essential oils have been produced through approved practices that promote ecological balance, conserve biodiversity, and contain no synthetic fertilizers, harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

What’s Involved in the Organic Certification Process?

Our products and suppliers are inspected annually to ensure compliance with USDA Organic regulations. Our testing goes above and beyond our yearly recertification. Before every single oil is bottled or blended, we diligently test for quality and purity. If an oil or ingredient doesn’t meet our standards, we reject it and continue searching for the highest quality possible.

We’re proud to offer our USDA Certified Organic essential oils under National Organic Program (NOP) Operation ID # 5350000149.

Why Buy Certified Organic?

It’s better for you. Organically grown products often have more beneficial nutrients and antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts and less detectable pesticide residue.

It’s better for all of us. Organic farms are better for the environment. They use sustainable practices to reduce pollution and soil erosion, conserve water and use less energy.

Want to Learn More About Certified Organic Practices?

We’ve collected some more helpful links about the USDA Certified Organic Program here.

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Tara’s Clarifying Salt Scrub

One of the easiest products to make in the kitchen, yet one of the most commonly bought off the shelves of pharmacies and beauty retailers (at a great expense) are salt or sugar scrubs.

I adore the feeling of silky-soft skin, unblocked pores and a good exfoliation, and a salt-based scrub is by far your best option to help clarify and tone your skin.

This delicious jar full is suitable for body, hands, feet and face.

Lavender Fields
15 drops of lavender

Paris Perfume
10 drops ylang ylang
6 drops lavender
4 drops cedarwood

Fresh Breeze
10 drops grapefruit
6 drops lemongrass
4 drops frankincense

5 drops ginger
5 drops frankincense
5 drops lavender

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Guide to Essential Oil Shelf Life

Do essential oils expire?

Essential oils do not expire. They do not grow mold. They also do not grow mildew or even yeast. But that does not mean they will last forever. Why not? Oxidation—a chemical reaction where electrons are lost that can change the constituents of the oil. Oxygen, heat and light all contribute to oxidation.

To prevent oxidation and improve the shelf life of your essential oil collection:

  • Recap your bottles tightly and quickly.
  • Store in a cool place.
  • Reduce light exposure and store oils in a dark colored bottle.

Check out our recommended shelf life chart below. Because our essential oils are bottled at a state of the art facility in the USA, it gives us confidence that the shelf life of your oil will not start until you open it for the first time. Watch for our new bottle labels that include the period after opening symbol for each different essential oil to help you identify the useful lifetime in months.


Citrus x paradisi


Boswellia serrata
Salvia sclarea
Luxury Blend
Helichrysum italicum
Eucalyptus globulus
Luxury Blend
Cymbopogon flexuosus
Zingiber officinalis
Luxury Blend
Melaleuca alternifolia
Lavandula angustfolia
Luxury Blend
Luxury Blend


Cedrus atlantica
Santalum album
Mentha piperita
Curcuma longa
Cananga odorata
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Rejuvenating Facial Serum Recipe

  • Reduces acne, scarring, redness and age-spots
  • Brightens skin and reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Anti-microbial, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory
Combine ingredients in a bowl and pour into a small dropper bottle. Rub half a dropper-full between clean hands and apply to face at night before bed.

Use a facial roller after applying the oil to aid absorption. Soothes and relaxes the face while also reducing puffiness and inflammation around the eyes and any surrounding areas.

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DIY Protector™ Soap

  1. Melt soap base in the microwave or on the stove top.
  2. Add 30 drops Protector™ blend essential oil
  3. Stir thoroughly and pour into soap molds.
  4. Add dried herbs or flowers (optional).
  5. Wait 1 hour. Remove from mold.

Go wash your hands already!
Or gift your homemade soap and share the love—not the germs.


Lavender Fields
30 drops of lavender

Paris Perfume
15 drops ylang ylang
9 drops lavender
6 drops cedarwood

Fresh Breeze
15 drops grapefruit
9 drops lemongrass
6 drops frankincense

10 drops ginger
10 drops frankincense
10 drops lavender

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Where to Apply Roll-ons

Pre-diluted Application

The skin is generally thinner around the pulse points, which allows for easier absorption – temples, wrists, ankles, side of the neck, inner elbow.

Pain, inflammation and skin issues, apply directly to the area of concern.

Apply to temples and head

Apply to the stomach and massage

Apply to pulse points on or near the face such as the neck and temples as well as to the chest and underneath your nose.

To repel outdoor annoyances, apply to pulse points and exposed areas.

Can sometimes be best targeted by inhalation. Apply to pulse points near or around your face as well as under your nose.

Apply to pulse points for maximum absorption.

Shop Red Silk Essentials USDA Certified Organic Pre-diluted Roll-ons

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Revitalize Your Skin with Immortelle

Revitalize your skin today with the rejuvenation powers of Helichrysum Essential oil.

The beauty of aging is something we all hope and pray we can achieve for a healthy and peaceful life. Just like we make the effort to nourish our minds and our bodies to stay healthy naturally, we need to make the effort to nourish our skin. The daily damage we inflict on our skin with sun exposure, make up, diet and other allergens impacts our skin’s ability to rejuvenate healthy cells to remain vibrant, smooth and youthful looking.

The Helichrysum flower was well known in ancient Greece for its beauty, as well as its medicinal properties. The plant’s common name is Immortelle, French for “immortal” or “everlasting.” The Helichrysum italicum flower generates a soft-scented but powerful essential oil via steam distillation that can help your skin to begin the process of restoring naturally. This anti-aging essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties and is perfect to combat the natural and the unnatural negative effects we inflict on our skin.

Used in anti-aging products throughout the world, we love this essential oil for the same reason the beauty industry does, it’s rich in molecules offering unique anti-aging results and it’s the only essential oil that contains a natural molecule called di-ketones, known for their ability to regenerate your skin cells, shedding damaged cells and promoting healthy skin.

Add Helichrysum italicum to your daily skin care routine to help restore and nourish your skin and promote a glowing, youthful complexion.

How to Use

  • Neat:  Take 3-5 drops and put directly onto your skin or mix with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil like Jojoba
  • Lotion/Slave: Add 15 drops to 1 oz. of carrier oil. Add 6-12 drops per ounce to existing lotions or creams.
  • Compress:  Add 10 drops to 4 oz. of water. Soak cloth and apply to affected area.
  • Massage Oil: Add approximately ¼ oz. to 12-14 oz. carrier oil.
  • Bath: 5 -10 drops for normal bath. To aid absorption, mix with Epsom salt or 1 oz. vodka or whole milk.

Note: For sunburn, add equal parts Frankincense. For itching or poison ivy add equal parts Lavender.