Gemwater by VitaJuwel

We all know that proper hydration is vitally important to keeping our bodies functioning at their highest potential. Red Silk Essentials is pleased to support your hydration habit with Gemwater by VitaJuwel. These gems restore the crystal structure of your everyday drinking water to a quality comparable to natural spring water while also boosting the water’s alkalinity (pH level) and increasing its oxygen content.

By the time water is delivered to us through municipal systems or plastic containers, its natural energy and composition becomes dulled and muted. You can use our collection of VitaJuwel Gemwater Bottles and Decanters to revitalize the natural structure of everyday drinking water.

Each product incorporates a sealed glass gempod or vial filled with a unique
gemstone blend, providing a convenient and sanitary way to change everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gemwater in just 7-10 minutes.

The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art dating from ancient Greece. As products of nature, every gem carries a one-of-a-kind vibration and therefore affects the water in a unique way. Gemstones also have the unique ability to store energy. It’s a property that makes quartz watches work!

Experts agree that the assembly of its crystal structure is a strong indicator for the quality of water.

Regular tap water assembled
at 90º angles, indicating a high level pollution load.
Everywhere in nature,
angles of 60º are an expression
of vitality and purity.
60º angles after treatment with
VitaJuwel indicate neutralization of hazardous pollutants. The water
becomes natural & fresh again.

A scientific evaluation by the renowned German Institute Hagalis, Überlingen validated VitaJuwel’s effect on water. Hagalis examined two samples: a neutral sample with Überlingen tap water, and a sample of the same water after being treated with VitaJuwel.
Results of the scientific survey:

  • distinct improvement of tap water quality
  • neutralization of harmful substances
  • improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content
  • increase in bio-availability of minerals
  • increased energy balance
  • quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water
  • high biological balance

Enjoy the BENEFITS of Fresh and Vital Water

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Properly digest food and absorb nutrients from food
  • Have healthy, glowing skin
  • Decrease muscle and joint inflammation
  • Have better circulation
  • Detoxify your body naturally

What’s in YOUR water?
Drink it pure, natural, and energized!

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