About Red Silk Essentials

We believe Health and Wellness is about our physical health, the mind/body/spirit connection and the importance of harmony and balance in all things. For us, essential oils are a key way of finding that balance.

We have created a custom Wellness blend that helps balance the body and promote overall health. Our proprietary Meditation blend, comprised of elevating, grounding and opening essential oils, will help quiet your busy mind.

Nature has it’s own pharmacy. Our goal is to find or create personal care and wellness products using natural ingredients that are nourishing, cleansing, protective and fragrant to your body and soul.

CindyFounder, Cindy Raleigh

I was introduced to health and wellness at an early age, thanks to my Aunt Gerry’s friendship with Adelle Davis, considered by many to be “The First Lady of Nutrition.” No soda or white bread in our house growing up.

My mom taught me to diligently dissect labels on food (way before it was trendy). Today I apply my mom’s lessons to not only items going in my mouth, but anything in my home. What I learned in doing so is that the word “fragrance” on a product label represents an undisclosed mixture. Manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of toxic chemicals in this one word.

Now I read labels on everything, especially if I am putting it on my skin to be absorbed. If I sell something, I know what is in it and I have tested it.  If I recommend somebody else’s product, same thing, I have checked out the ingredients and I have used it. I only create and promote products I use myself and for my family, so you can be sure there are no hidden “fragrances” or toxic chemicals.